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  • The third edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters at Gubbio on 14 October

    Great news for fans of the discipline: the great biannual hill climb celebration will take place in Gubbio, Italy from 12 to 14 October.

    After the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg in 2014, and the Czech Republic in 2016, the FIA Hill Climb Masters sets its sights on Italy – a country filled with passion, tradition and top champions. And for an event that strives to be prestigious and festive, the medieval town of Gubbio, in Umbria, will be the perfect setting for the Masters, with its charming little narrow streets, its history, traditions, Roman theatre, Palazzo dei Consoli and its love of motor sport. Luigi Fagioli, Formula 1 Alfa Romeo driver in 1950 and 1951, ...

  • Performance Factor

    A new concept for the classification of Category 1 cars in hill climb is under consideration within the FIA.
    A series of simulations will be launched on a number of events counting towards the FIA European Hill Climb Championship or the FIA International Hill Climb Cup in 2018...

  • Towards new technical regulations for Hill Climb

    An ambitious reform of the classification of hill climb cars, based on the Pf (“Performance Factor”) concept will be trialled by the FIA during the 2018 season.

    In all modesty, hill climb is one of the rare motor sport specialisations that can still boast of being widely accessible. Take for example, the average level of participation in competitions: it is not unusual to count more than 150 competitors, or even 200 cars, at the start line of the same event. The magic of the discipline continues to enchant; for drivers the challenge is short but intense and demanding, and for the public, the spectacle is unique for its setting, but also for the variety of cars competing. Hill climb is not hindered by the standardisation of cars you see in so many other disciplines.

  • Kluza won 6th GSMP Round

    During 7th Round of FIA European Hill Climb Championship, there was also 6th Round of Polish Hill Climb Championship on Sunday in Limanowa. At beautiful sunny weather, in almost perfect conditions for fast ride (Christian Merli, IT, drove the route, that is 5493 long, in 1:53,546 s and he set the new record), the fastest Polish driver was again Waldemar Kluza (Skoda Fabia S 2000) who overtook a current Polish champion, Slovak Igor Drotar (Skoda Fabia R5) and the third driver (Jiri Los, CZ, Mitsubishi Lancer) by almost 3 s, in two race heats in general classification.

  • New route record

    In the first race heat of 7th FIA EHC Round - Europen Hill-Climb Challenge - there was a new sensational record of the race route. Christian Merli (IT), last year's record-holder, improved his own result by almost two seconds, setting the new record of the route being over 5,5 kilometers long: 1:53,546 s. In the first heat, second place was taken by Simone Faggioli (IT), and the third place - by Milosz Benes (CZ). The fastest Polish driver was Waldemar Kluza driving his Skoda Fabia S 2000.  

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