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Auto Moto Limanowa Club is a club of enthusiasts of motoring. It came into being in 1977 (as Automobilklub Podkarpacki Limanowa branch). The club has more than 280 members and more and more people are joining it. It organizes sports meetings such as Competetive Motoring and some more serious events such as County Rally in 1988. In the past the club organized hill-climb races which are held in Limanowa again. It has also lifesaving cars equipped with specialized equipment and staff trained to operate the equipment and save lives - more often than not – of competitors during motoring events.

Auto Moto Limanowa Club appeared as an independent unit in 1988 (28 October 1988). At the time, the group of newly organized motoring enthusiasts from Limanowa got a building from the town. In the past, there was Health-Care Group. There was already place for meeting and discussing newly created sections.

Members of the club started off with section of Stewards who, after completing courses, could conduct automobile and motorcycle events. From the beginning, the car section was resilient. It comprised owners of motor cars. Drivers of kart racing and motorcyclists were in separate list. Then no one had expected that the most stable and developmental section was the section of traffic safety. The group of kart racing fell apart because of lack of equipment and motorcyclists did likewise.

Auto Moto Limanowa Club deals with keeping four lifesaving cars of Polski Związek Motorowy (ASN) which, together with staff (2 people in each car), are used during most of rally driving and car racing in Poland.

What had historical significance was institution of Fast Sporting Rescue Team within the club. It transformed from section into professionally acting group in 1983. This group was the only one in Poland and also now it has not many followers. The local Sanitary Transport Column gave the club estate car Fiat 125. The members themselves adapted the car to rescue function and gained necessary technical equipment. They had devices for cutting sheet metal and spreading bodywork. At the time only fire brigade at the provincial level had such equipment! It is no wonder that the rescue team, from the beginning and closely cooperating with police force and emergency ambulance service, was summoned to traffic accidents in which bodywork had to be spread in order to take a victim out.

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