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    Auto Moto Klub Limanowa SOS PZMot

    Powiat Limanowski Miasto Limanowa Gmina Limanowa


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Dear Supporter!

In order to provide you and your relatives with a hundred percent of effects and maximum safety, please read the following text.


Safety on the Race:

  • move along the race route, do not go on the road, you can get to most of viewpoints through alternative lanes or bypaths in the direction of the course,
  • do not run on the road,
  • use fan zones – there are places done specially for you, with great visibility, spectacular scenery and safety for you and your acquaintances,
  • do not stand in front of tape – this may cause loss of health or life,
  • observe rivalry of the competitors behind protective barriers - do not lean against them! – do not stand on closed places surrounded with tape,
  • cooperate with people dealing with protection – they are there to protect you and conduct the race effectively. This is their job they account for,
  • If you hear whistle, it means that a car approaches – be very careful!


The race starts:
The ride of a car with red flag “PILOT” means close of the course. Then it is prohibited to move on the route and competitors start training races.


Training race ends:
The ride of a car with green flag “PILOT” means end of training races. Beware! In a moment drivers are brought from DEPO META to DEPO START.


SAFETY CAR on the course means that the race is paused (halted), it is absolutely banned to move around the race course. In a moment drivers are brought from the course in order to repeat training race! BEWARE! After bringing drivers and return of SAFETY CAR to Start, the race starts.


The race ends:
The competition ends when arbiters of observation points (PO and PPO) wave all flags for column of drivers brought DEPO META to DEPO START BY PILOT 1 and PILOT 2.




We wish great fun!

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    The Course of the Race

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    Viewing Point for Spectators

  • OA and BK1 - Friday

    Hours: 12:00 - 19:00

  • Competition

    Saturday / Sunday 

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    Wojewódzka Małopolska Rada BRD

    MORD Kraków

    MORD Nowy Sącz

    MORD Tarnów Szpital Powiatowy w Limanowej Limanowski Dom Kultury
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